Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to complete my kit?

The Full Kits provide all materials, instructions, drawings, fixtures and rubber to build two Airplanes, Helicopters or Gliders. Partial Kits are provided to build two more of the actual flying machines, but do not include any instructions, drawings, tools, fixtures or rubber. These Partial Kits should only be ordered if you have a Full Kit and will reuse items not included in the Partial.

Adhesives are never included because of shipping concerns and will need to be sourced elsewhere. Winders are essential for rubber powered airplane and helicopter competition and are a tool that can last for many years but must be ordered separately.

Small hand tools could be necessary such as pliers, wire cutters, and single edge razor blades and a hobby knife. Sharp cutting tools are essential, and new blades preferred.

Common materials such as masking tape, packaging tape and Scotch tape are usually required.

The instructions in a full kit are extensive and cover all items included in the kit, step by step building guide, flying hints, tips and suggestions, as well as an aerodynamics dissertation on how an airplane (or helicopter) flies with insights on how to best adjust and control the flight.

What is your shipping policy?

All orders are sent by the United States Postal Service. All kits are sent USPS Priority Mail (often two days), however small items less than 13 ounces will normally be sent First Class Mail for $4 (minimum shipping charge). If Priority Mail is required on small orders, the charge is $8.

Express Mail is possible when arranged, however all Express Shipped orders will need to be paid in full before shipping. Though the USPS states that there is a guarantee to get there in the stated time, Freedom Flight Models will not honor that guarantee. Please understand this.

There will always be shipping delays early in the season because new kits require much time and effort to develop and materials must be sourced and ordered. Freedom Flight Models waits to receive new competition rules just like everyone else. With the large number of orders coming while kits are being designed, there is a LOT of catching up after the first kits are sent (middle to late October). Later in the season, turn times are reduced and often orders are sent the next day. However, material shortages can and do occur, so delays can happen.

Do you take Purchase Orders

Yes, purchase orders are welcome. They can be faxed to 770-460- 0939 or e-mailed to Please include an e-mail address with a P.O. to allow an invoice to be sent and a delivery tracking number to be provided.

Can I make a phone order?

We are available by phone, but please be considerate of our time, we stay EXTREMELY busy. To avoid errors, website or e-mail orders are highly preferred. Phones will not be answered before 9:00 and after 6:30 EST, or on Sunday or holidays. The answering machine should not be counted on, please e-mail your needs.

Can I come to your store

No, we are a mail order business only with no sales floor and a very full time schedule.