15:1 Ratio Winder

15:1 Ratio Winder $20.00

Built by K & P in England (smooth, high quality - yellow) and is the winder of choice of most top competitors. A quality winder is essential to “feel” the torque of the rubber while winding to achieve maximum performance. Shown is the 15:1 Ratio Winder preferred by flyers that use rubber motors usually less than .125”. Notice that it can be identified by the blue tip at the output shaft.

Digital Scale

Scale $22.00

This large platform Mini Digital Scale is accurate to .01 gram with a maximum capacity of 500 grams. It is excellent for evaluating the weight of individual pieces of balsa as well as completed weight of your model. But you may find its primary use is weighing rubber to make motors, as this must be done accurately in order to expect consistency. Plastic cover doubles as handy weighing tray. Bright LCD read out. Comes with AAA batteries.

10:1 Ratio Winder

10:1 Ratio Winder $20.00

This is the same winder as shown above except that it has the 10:1 ratio gears that is favored by flyers using slightly thicker rubber up to about 3/16”. Notice that it can be identified by a white tip at the output shaft. It works fine with thinner rubber as well, it just takes more turns to get the same results.

digital micrometer

Digital Micrometer – Manual - 0 to 1” $25.00

This is a precision measuring tool that can be invaluable when measuring sanded surfaces to obtain specified thickness. It is very handy when sanding glider wings, flaps and tail surfaces as well as measuring propeller blade thickness when thinning flaring style blades. It is also the tool of choice for measuring rubber width.

The digital read out (manual – not battery operated) is in .001 increments and the Vernier on the barrel reads down to .0001 accuracy. Maximum opening is 1 inch.

Torque Meter

Torque Meter $29.00

This tool is valuable to quantify how much torque is in your wound rubber motor. It is always best to wind off of the airplane to avoid damage if the motor should break while winding. This tool is used by hooking one end of the rubber to the meter and the other to your winder, then stretch wind to maximum torque, reading the scale on its face to observe the inch ounces of torque applied. If the rubber breaks, you learned from the experience and nothing else was broken.

However the most valuable use is to observe the torque left when De-winding to control altitude. Can help to build confidence and consistency. Designed with a winder box to hold our yellow K & P winders (winder NOT included). It has all hardware for mounting to a board (not included – shown is a 1 x 3 x 33”).

20’ Telescopic Pole $23.00

These collapsible poles have 6 sections to telescope out to approximately 6 meters. They were originally manufactured for crappie fishing rods but are perfect for model retrieval to dislodge planes from the rafters or basketball goals. Their approximate wall thickness of the segments is .032” with a maximum pole diameter of 1.25”.

Pitch Guage

Pitch Gauge $6.00

New and improved. Now constructed of basswood with a larger protractor to allow easier measurement of the broad blade propellers. Designed to be used with the Ikara propeller assemblies. Allows you to easily slip your propeller off of the airplane and onto this gauge. Used to accurately measure pitch (angle) of the propeller blades after bending the plastic hub. This is an important tool to maximize flight performance by matching your propeller pitch to the rubber band that you are using for the size of the building that you are flying in.