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FS2018 Fun Science 2018 Kit

FS2018 Fun Science 2018 Kit - Full Kit

Designed to meet 2018 Division “B” Science Olympiad “Wright Stuff” specifications. This is an entirely NEW kit that utilizes carbon fiber rods for key components to reduce warpage issues, increase aerodynamic efficiency, increase strength and decrease weight. It has an innovative airfoil design. The ribs are laser cut to build completed wings that are a full 40cm with an 10cm chord. There are adjustable components allowing for the ultimate in learning, experimentation and flying success!

Full Kit This is a 2 airplane kit. It contains two Ikara 15cm propellers (trim with scissors to 14cm) and all hardware to build top-notch competition planes. Includes 31 pages of instructions to provide even novice builders with the step by step construction process and a full aerodynamics lesson for insights on how to fly and win. All wood carefully considered to yield enough strength and durability yet be built to the minimum 7.5g weight requirements when following instructions. It is packaged with ultra-light Mylar covering and includes a covering cradle. Custom cut rubber in 3 different widths (13g each) is also included. This kit will require a winder (available on the TOOLS page – 15:1 ratio recommended).


Non-Coaxial Rotor Helicopter 2018

Non-Coaxial Rotor Helicopter 2018 Full Kit – High School

This kit was designed specifically for Division C competition. It contains all materials to build two complete 30 cm span Non-Coaxial (NCA) Rotor, rubber powered helicopters. This means it qualifies for the 250% multiplier of flight time. It contains Carbon Fiber rods for the leading and trailing edges of the rotor blades, laser-cut cambered ribs and fixtures to allow building symmetrical, warp free rotors in both clockwise and counter clockwise pitch configurations. The motor sticks and frame is reinforced with 3K Carbon Fiber tow for lightness, strength and stiffness. Kevlar thread is incorporated to enhance strength and durability of the frame, yet keep the weight down to a minimum. Nineteen pages of instructions and 2 Full-Sized Drawings help to insure success by even novice builders. There is an aerodynamics section discussing how these helicopters work and how to find increased success. With the supplied very light weight balsa, Carbon Fiber and Kevlar reinforcements along with the ultra-light Mylar covering, these helicopters should build up close to 3.6 grams (slightly over the minimum allowable weight). Two bags of FAI Tan Super Sport Rubber is also included (17 grams each of .094” and .109”). This kit will require a winder (available on the TOOLS page – 15:1 ratio recommended).


Fun Science 2018 Partial Kit        

This partial kit contains all of the materials to build 2 more airplanes, but does NOT contain any instructions, drawings, rubber, building fixtures or covering cradle. Do not order this unless you already have all of these items from a FULL KIT. This partial kit contains all laser-cut parts including ribs, wing mounts and motor sticks. It also has the balsa motor stick reinforcement, two sizes of carbon fiber rods, and hardware bag (same as in the full kit, including all plastic pieces, Kevlar thread and misc. small parts). It also has a roll of Mylar and 2 propellers. Multiple partial kits may be packaged in the same box.


2018 Partial Helicopter Kit

This includes only materials to build 2 additional helicopters. It does NOT include fixtures, instructions drawings or rubber. Do not order this partial kit unless you already have the Full Kit. It does include Carbon Fiber rods for the rotor blade leading and trailing edges, Carbon Fiber Tow for frame reinforcement, extra light balsa laser-cut sheets providing motor sticks, ribs and other small pieces, .020” diameter piano wire and all other hardware included in the full kit (including plastic hooks and bearings, small sanding block, Kevlar and O-rings). This year it also contains a roll of Mylar. Multiple partial kits may be packaged in the same box.


TSA Flight EnduranceTSA – Flight Endurance

Though an entirely new kit specifically made for this event is not available yet, Dave has written up modification instructions for the FS2018 kit that makes use of more contemporary Carbon Fiber materials as well as Balsa Wood. When ordered, you will receive the FS2018 Kit, but it will have larger propellers and rubber, sized for these TSA rules. It will also have materials included to make the necessary landing gear. It will still require some creative thinking and modifying laser cut parts, but the instructions will make it reasonably straight forward.

A rubber winder will be required.


Miscellaneous Request

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